Making the most out of the connected revolution

The connected revolution – the combination of M2M technology, ubiquitous connectivity, increased data gathering and advanced…

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Why every minute matters to Timmy’s Pies

For small businesses (and bigger ones alike), every call and every order that comes in is crucial. But with visiting customers…

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Is time running out for traditional offices?

With the UK recently passing a new legislation allowing employees to request flexible working from their employers, we are seeing more…

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Digital business models – what’s in it for public services?

There seems to be something in the air: ‘digital’ seems to be everywhere in public services, and yet…

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The fluid society: SMEs can grow by tearing down walls

Flexible working and “flat” firms are thriving thanks to the growth of collaborative technology. Developments in communication…

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How the government should take advantage of Smart Working

Government organisations are some of the largest employers in any country and many…

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