Why SMEs should focus on customer experience

The importance of customer service in business barely needs restating. We’re all more likely to go back to the barista who remembers…

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Developing smarter communities to enable smarter working

In the UK, 4.1 million people work from home for at least half the week. The current growth of…

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How SMEs can drive growth through new technologies

Technological shifts are the norm in business – no sooner had the early car manufacturers begun to turn a profit than they saw their…

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Game on: how SMEs are using sport to their advantage

Sports sponsorships are often considered the domain of big business. It’s certainly true…

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7 tips to set up tech in your home office

Is your home also your office or is your office also your home? A survey by Direct Line for Business last year revealed…

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Getting physical with mobile – What can the High Street learn from Museums?

As mobile technology becomes ever more central to consumers’ lives, museums can be…

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