Why omni-channel matters

When many high street retailers first launched online arms, in many cases they were set up as completely separate businesses.

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Highlights from the 2015 UC Expo

UC Expo – the largest Unified Communications and collaboration event in Europe took place this week. If you missed the event…

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Digital skills are a right for all

More of us, using more devices, are exploiting digital to make meaningful connections with our social networks, to create our own…

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Creating a culture for hyper-connected employees

It is widely acknowledged that the business context in today’s connected world is characterised by a change of pace, and a more…

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Marketing on a shoestring: 5 tips SMEs will love

When you’re running a small business, the odds are that you’re too time-pressed or lack enough staff members to justify spending huge…

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Chancellor’s Budget promises SME boost

As ever, the chancellor George Osborne presented his latest Budget as a raft of welcome changes for virtually every individual…

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