Bringing innovation to global sport

In 2006 my son walked off the rugby pitch on a bitterly cold day with blue hands following an awful game. Not because they were a…

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How data is shaping our health

The problems facing healthcare in the UK are the same for many countries across the world – an ageing population, the increase in chronic…

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4 ways to act small and instil an entrepreneurial spirit that drives growth

The UK is on track to finally return to its pre-crisis level, but the growth period we’re waking…

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The top enterprise apps powering today’s business

Alongside the proliferation of consumer apps enabling you to do such things as play Walking Dead Pinball or plot outbreaks of flu…

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What can be done to help nurture Britain’s fledgling entrepreneurs?

Since 2010, 40% of newly created jobs are held by the self-employed. This massive boom…

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What makes smart cities truly smart?

How does a city that’s centuries old adapt to meet the expectations of an increasingly complex world? Many believe smart …

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