The Power of the App Economy

In the 6 years since they first started appearing, our phones (and our lives) have been taken over by apps. From toothbrushes…

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Data in Sport

The last 25 years have seen many elite sports ride a wave of increasing broadcast revenues to form part of an international entertainment industry worth trillions of pounds. There’s…

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Olympic rewards or running up a debt?

The Olympic and Commonwealth Games were two key UK events that were meant to drive economic and social improvements…

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Learn how healthcare providers are becoming Ready Organisations

Mobile technology is providing the NHS with opportunities to develop a new dimension…

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Learn how police forces are becoming Ready Organisations

One of the repeated criticisms of the police is that they spend too much time behind…

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How Vodafone helps NHS Blood & Transplant save lives

The management of NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) poses an extremely complex…

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