Connected Nation – A digital Government for everyone

There’s no denying that we live in an increasingly connected world. Super-fast broadband, smartphones, tablets and…

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Why it pays to shop around for payment services

A modern business website needs a functional and pleasant interface for your customers that works consistently across a…

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5 Top Tips for creating a ‘Failure Friendly’ workplace

Are you seeing members of your workforce who need constant reassurance and praise, don’t respond well to criticism and take all negative feedback personally? Not ideal traits in a new employee or an applicant for a promotion. You need employees who demonstrate resilience…

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Riding the next wave of mobile apps

Our relationship with our mobile devices has come a long way from the flip phone. The next wave…

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Taking care in a digital world

Social care providers in the UK are facing a perfect storm of challenges, with an increased level of…

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How mobile technology is helping to transform community healthcare

For many people, the National Health Service (NHS) is the pride of Britain, an emblem of care and…

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